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Since receiving his Bachelor in Photography in 2010, Nick has been working both professionally and for his own love of the art. While building a large body of work, Nick has gathered experience from all over the world. He has captured the likes of breathtaking Icelandic landscapes, as well as blockbuster entertainment events, featuring Prince, Rudimental and The Umbilical Brothers.

Succumbing to his desire to see the world, in 2014, with only airfare and the roughest of plans, Nick left his hometown of Brisbane, Australia, and embarked on an adventure to see and capture the Earth’s beauty. His travels saw him hone his skills in the UK, Europe, Japan, Canada and the US.

Nick has since worked on a variety of corporate projects with clients of varying sizes. From small, family-run businesses to huge entertainment venues, his photography has seen him relocate to London and only recently moving back to Brisbane where he continues to branch out. With new clients and exciting content offering unlimited sources of new inspiration, Nick’s always looking forward to his next big opportunity, and meeting more amazing people along the way.


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